flying with a babyThe thought of flying with a baby on an airplane with your little one may completely terrify you, and rightfully so. No parent wants to be that person on the plane with a screaming baby or a stinky diaper that, of course, was changed 15 minutes before boarding the airplane. Today, we are going to give you some practical tips to make your time travelling more pleasant and less stressful!

Feed baby during takeoff and landing
Just like us, the change in altitude can hurt a baby’s ears. To help their ears adjust to the changing pressure, try to time feedings to allow baby to eat during takeoff and landing. If baby is not hungry, it can also be helpful for them to suck on a pacifier instead.

Buy baby a seat of their own
Babies are safest in an airplane when they are in their car seats buckled into the seat of the plane. While you can’t strap in a car seat base, most infant seats can be strapped into the seat of the plane. Although it is unlikely to happen, turbulence and rough landings can injure babies who are not properly restrained in a seat of their own.

Be prepared with a well-stocked diaper bag
Can you imagine a blowout happening mid-flight with no clothing to change into? Be prepared with a change or two of clothing (for you and baby), extra food, diapers, and diaper sacks to take on your flight. In addition to avoiding mid-flight disasters, make sure you have enough supplies available to get you through a delay or missed flight. If a disaster occurs, try to seek out another mom or family traveling with a little one, they may have a diaper or two to spare.

Pack what you can in your checked bag
The less you have to carry through security and airport terminal, the better. You’ll already be juggling a baby, a diaper bag, your personal belongings, and a stroller just to make it to your gate. If you can pack anything that won’t be needed in the airport or on the flight you’ll be in much better shape to make it to the gate and onto the airplane.

Ignore dirty looks
Don’t worry about what other people think. Sometimes babies cry, and it’s okay. If your little one starts to fuss on the airplane, do what you can to soothe them. Most people don’t mind, and are even sympathetic, when baby starts crying if they see you making efforts to calm your baby. Enjoy your time with your little one and don’t worry too much about flying with a baby!

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