4 Gender Reveal Options!

12647117_10208694124939889_8934512039277223779_nThere are so many options today when it comes to gender reveal of an unborn baby.

-You can get the blood test, which is the earliest option at around 10 weeks. (Who even knew this was an option?!
-You can opt for the “more exciting” sonogram venues that do the reveal on a big screen with basically as many family members as you can fit into the room.
-You can go the traditional route of finding out via a sonogram at your doctor’s office with less suspense and drama involved.
-Or you may choose to be what I consider a couple with the utmost patience and decide not to find out until baby is born. (I can’t imagine having the self-restraint to wait, but nonetheless it does still happen.)

We decided to go with the soonest possible way of finding out, the blood test. Then after getting the results, we tortured ourselves for 9 of the longest days of my life while a friend planned a gender reveal party at which we were also in for the surprise.  Some couples decide to find out and reveal it to family and friends, but we thought it would be exciting if it was a surprise to everyone (with an exception of the planner, of course). Although, the anticipation almost killed us, it was so much fun finding out along side family and friends. We revealed using a black balloon with colored confetti inside. Blue for a boy, pink for a girl.

At the time of the party I was dead set on feeling that it was a girl. Being our first I think it was easier to be excited either way, and to honestly say we just want it to be healthy. Many of our family a friends also were thinking girl, including my mom, who seems to be right about everything (you know how moms are). Then comes the moment we were all waiting for, time to pop the balloon, and out flies the BLUE confetti revealing that our guts had proven us wrong this time.


It’s a baby boy!


We are so thrilled and blessed and can’t wait for the little guy to arrive. Now for the choosing of a name, the decorating of the nursery, and the best part, buying the adorable little boy clothes! Whatever way you decide to reveal the gender to yourselves and your friends and family I recommend having fun with it. It is one of the most exciting and suspenseful times in your pregnancy and your life, so whatever you decide to do enjoy every second of it!