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Postpartum Doula Care

Bringing baby home comes with great joy, but also new adjustments in the home. Having a postpartum doula in your home the first few weeks home from the hospital can help your family adjust to life with baby. Postpartum doula care is a great first line of defense against postpartum depression.

Our postpartum doulas can assist with baby care, light home care, sibling care, light meal prep, and most importantly support and care of the parents. Postpartum doulas can also visit while families are in the hospital for additional support.

Our postpartum doulas can be reserved for as little as one day a week or all seven days, for shifts of 4-12 hours. Rates range from $30-$50/Hour (no additional fees) depending on your specialist, and your location.

Hush Little Baby postpartum doulas are trained and certified by ProDoula, DONA and CAPPA.

postpartum doula 
postpartum doula     postpartum doula

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