“Honey, why do we need a Newborn Care Specialist?”

by Kathleen Butler (Newborn Care Specialist /Lactation Counselor)
Newborn Care SpecialistMany prospective parents are curious about what exactly a newborn care specialist does and why they may need one. Our clients come to us with incredibly diverse backgrounds, all united by one factor: they’re all expecting a baby-or two or three!

Many are first-time parents with little or no experience with newborns.  These new parents are aware that there is a lot to learn about caring for their new soon-to-arrive family member!  They would like the comfort of having an experienced newborn care specialist (NCS) on hand to teach and guide them through all aspects of their baby’s care.

In the case of multiples, families are truly in need of more helping-hands. Having a newborn care specialist experienced in caring for multiples will help to make your family life as easy possible. We will help you develop a routine in order to establish a semblance of order, balance and predictability for you and your babies!

Throughout the night, we will provide complete care to your baby: feeding, burping, swaddling, comforting, and, of course, establishing those all-important healthy sleep habits, starting from day one home from the hospital or after home birth!

If a mom is nursing, she may go off to sleep after the feed following our arrival. We will then care entirely for baby- burp, change, swaddle and begin establishing healthy sleep habits.

When it’s time for the feed, your newborn care specialist will bring baby to the nursing mom in her bed or wherever it’s comfortable for her to nurse. Your newborn care specialist can stay and help you with latch and positioning. Or, once nursing is eventually well established, she may leave you to enjoy nursing in private. Once finished, the newborn care specialist will let mom go right back to sleep and she will provide all the care to baby during the time the newborn care specialist is there. If mom is pumping, we can also assist with pumping routines. And even offer bottles of breast milk so mom can get a better nights sleep!

I know that you will be thrilled with the level of care you and your baby will receive. All of our newborn care specialists are trained through advanced training programs like The Newborn Care Training Academy. Your family with be filled with the knowledge and confidence you will gain through your newborn care specialists’ help. And all your friends will marvel at how well rested you are and what a great sleeper your baby is!

One thing I always mention is, I have never had a client state that they wish they signed up for LESS help! After discussing your needs and budget, we can suggest a schedule that may be helpful if you are unsure of your needs.

While we hope you’ll share your love of Hush Hush Little Baby with friends and family, we understand if you prefer to keep us “your little secret”? You get to take all the credit, because after all, you were the one smart enough to hire a Newborn care specialist!