Decision fatigue is widely discussed among entrepreneurs and businessmen, but it’s rarely discussed in the context of motherhood. The notion of decision fatigue is based around the idea that the quality of one’s decision making deteriorates as they’re forced to make more and more decisions within a given period of time. This is a particular concern for new moms since they’re literally making decisions for two after spending their entire life focused primarily on their personal well being.

Daily choices can be overwhelming without a newborn in the mix. The digital age provides infinite options for work, health, social life and finances, but constantly evaluating these possibilities is exhausting. Now consider the how much more significant these decisions are when you realize the impact they have on your newborn. The good news is that decision fatigue is one challenge that new moms are well equipped to handle with a little bit of help.

The typical tips for minimizing decision fatigue usually include eating more, making important decisions early in the day and minimizing choices. These are all incredibly helpful, but I came up with a few more tips to empower new moms and minimize decision fatigue:

Stop over-analyzing the small stuff

Mothers make thousands of decisions each day without even realizing it. Overanalyzing the petty decisions burns much needed energy that’s required for the thoughtful ones. So spend that extra time evaluating which car seat is best for your baby, but spend a little less time designing the nursery.

Mark Zuckerberg famously wears jeans and a t-shirt every day. He explained, “I really want to clear my life to make it so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve this community.” You’re probably not in charge of a multi-billion dollar company but it illustrates the need to prioritize your decisions. Spend time on the big decisions and let go of the rest.

Get some Sleep!

Decision fatigue, like every other form of fatigue, is best cured by a good night’s sleep. We all know that caring for a baby creates a dramatic shift in a mother’s sleeping habits, but most don’t realize there are affordable solutions for nighttime newborn care. Night nannies and newborn care specialists are available in most metropolitan areas. They ensure that your baby is well taken care of while you get some sleep and recharge your batteries.

Outsource as many decisions as much as possible

Whenever I see a new mom ask for advice on Facebook, it’s usually followed by an avalanche of responses and opinions. An informal polling of your friends or mommy group provides a quick method of decision analysis with minimal effort.

Spouses and partners are also great resources for outsourcing decisions. While significant decisions should be considered as a couple, I have no problem telling my husband to make the smaller decisions on his own. If you tell your spouse they’re better at choosing (fill in the blank), it’s essentially a task wrapped up in a compliment.

Filter out the noise and embrace simplicity

As a mother, you’re constantly inundated with businesses attempting to sell you various products, services and ideas. Some of it is helpful, but much of the information can clutter your judgment. Often times, they’re creating decisions for you that aren’t even necessary. Embrace the products and services that you love and stop looking for the next best thing. There’s no better time to embrace simplicity than after you welcome your newborn into your family.