postpartum depressionLast week I took the much-anticipated Pro Doula training session with Mary Stelter of Los Angeles Doulas. While I don’t know if I’ll personally coach a woman through a birth, having the education and foundation to do so is comforting. I jumped at the opportunity to take this course because I knew it would make me a better newborn care specialist and owner of a newborn care agency and it has undoubtedly done so.

However, as I drove back to back to Tampa on Friday night, one thing Mary said has continued to play over and over in my head – “Postpartum care is the first line of defense against postpartum depression.” I’ve long known about the role newborn care specialists play in combating postpartum depression, but hearing that responsibility phrased in those terms reminded me of the incredible duty we hold.

The stress associated with a new baby can be overwhelming and it’s often a contributing factor to postpartum depression. Not all parents have nearby family to help them out and the pressure to return to work can be substantial for both moms and dads. I personally remember thinking “How will I function at the team meeting tomorrow when I’ve been up all night?” weeks after my son was born.

Postpartum care, even as little as one to two weeks, can reduce stress and help eliminate the onset of postpartum depression. Our team of newborn care specialists take great pride in serving both newborns and mothers in the crucial weeks following birth. We look forward to making the transition to life with a newborn as stress free as possible for you and your family.