There’s no getting around the fact that overnight newborn care can be pricey. The high-demand for night nannies and odd hours are just two of the many reasons why overnight newborn care is simply too pricey for many new parents. However, that doesn’t mean that sleep is only reserved for the rich and famous. Here are three easy ways any mom can afford overnight newborn care.

Create a Registry

Instead of asking for specific items in your baby registry, create a registry for overnight newborn care. Yes, it might sound crazy, but lots of new moms who value sleep simply request care instead of gifts at their baby shower. It’s particularly common for parents who already have strollers, car seats, and other common baby necessities, but they really value their sleep. Simply reach out to a newborn care agency that offers overnight care as a registry option to get the process started.

Intermittent Care

Another option to make overnight newborn care more affordable is to only have care once or twice a week. It’s a great way to recharge your batteries and you still get all the expert advice to help you adjust to life with a newborn. The only downside to intermittent newborn care is that you might not be able to reserve your favorite newborn care specialist. If you really want a single caregiver, but only for a couple days a week, it’s best to book well in advance or several weeks at a time.

Know What You Need

While we do recommend ICNCS certified newborn care specialists, not every family needs one. You can save quite a bit of money by selecting a caregiver who is working toward their certification but not yet certified. Just ensure your baby nurse or night nanny is at least trained through the Newborn Care Training Academy or any other reputable training program.