For mothers who choose to breastfeed, supporting the weight of a baby during the act becomes increasingly difficult as your child grows. Obviously, you can use pillows or other objects to prop your arm or baby up and take some of the weight off of you. However, being comfortable during nursing is more than just reducing the weight on your arms. Continue reading below for some our favorite breastfeeding positions to help you find what works best for you.


The first of our favorite breastfeeding positions is the cross-cradle hold. In this position, your baby lays across your front with your torsos touching making it perfect for skin to skin feeding. The position also works well with many commercially available nursing pillows to provide you with additional support to keep your arms for tiring. For a full instructional video on how to perform this position, check out the video here.


While some of you may be imagining touchdown passes or goal line stands, let me assure you this hold does not involve the gridiron. This position is perfect for twins and newborns alike. In this position, the baby is on either side of mom tucked under her arm, much like a football being run down the field. This is ideal for achieving a deep latch and a great position for mothers learning how to breastfeed. You can see a video of this hold with instructions here.

Laid Back

The laid back position takes some practice and an extra hand in the beginning. It’s perfect for those early morning nursing sessions and for mothers who have a forceful letdown. We love this position because it is baby led. If you are in those early days, it is helpful to have an extra hand to help you sit up and lay back. For this position, you’ll want to latch baby then lean back into a laying position. If the child becomes unlatched, you can have someone help you back into a sitting position and relatch your baby. This article has some additional information on laid back breastfeeding.

One of the great benefits of having a Newborn Care Specialist is she can help you find the most comfortable position for you and your baby! Email us today to learn more about finding your perfect Newborn Care Specialist.