Even with all of the resources that are available to expectant parents and the wealth of information and opinions from friends and family members, many parents still feel unprepared for life as a new parent. Unfortunately, some parents don’t get the information they need because they are too embarrassed to ask or think their question is too simple. Not to worry, we have compiled a list of some of the most common new parent questions and some answers for you. Read on to see if any of your new parent questions are made our list below.

Does my breastfed baby need vitamin supplements?

This is one of the most common new parent questions from mothers who plan to breastfeed their baby. The simple answer is yes but not as many as you might think. Breast milk provides virtually all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals a baby needs for the first four to six months of life. The main exception is vitamin D which is not transferred during breastfeeding.

When can I take my new baby out in public?

We get it. You want to do what’s best for your child, but you have errands to run, and you’re getting a bit stir crazy. We recommend that you talk to your pediatrician about when it is a good idea to begin taking your baby out in public because there are some critical factors involved.

What constitutes “sleeping through the night,”?

This another big one on the new parent questions list. The answers to this question vary from mom to mom. One mom may consider a baby sleeping from 11 pm to 7 am to be sleeping through the night to be “sleeping through the night” because her baby’s sleep schedule matches her own. Another may have a baby that “sleeps through the night” from 7 pm to 5 am. Our position is that sleeping through the night constitutes a full twelve hours of uninterrupted sleep. Either way, make sure your baby is getting enough sleep.

How many layers of clothing does my infant need to go outside?

While it does depend a bit on the weather outside, in general, your baby should wear one more layer then you are comfortable in for a given environment.

Can a newborn truly have their days and nights mixed up?

It is entirely possible for a baby to have their days and nights mixed up but don’t worry, with work, it can be corrected pretty quickly.