As babies grow from newborns into infants, they become more active during bath times. The constant fidgeting, kicking, and splashing may keep your child entertained, but it often makes the actual act of bathing them much harder. Ideally, you’d like the best of both worlds so that everyone gets to enjoy bathtime So how do you keep your little one occupied while still being able to bathe them? Baby bath toys are fantastic for allowing your child an effective means of being engaged that doesn’t involve tons of sudden movements that can result in soap in their eye or water being poured all over their face instead of their hair. Keep reading for some of our recommendations for excellent baby bath toys.

Catchable Toys

For the sake of our discussion here, catchable toys are products that have floating pieces that can be retrieved or “caught” using another part of the toy. Two examples of catchable baby bath toys are the Boon Waterbugs and Chomp Hungry Whale. Now you may be thinking; my infant won’t be able to use the net or whale to capture the other pieces. It is okay if they haven’t developed the motor skills required to engage in these activities. Your child will still enjoy exploring the net or trying to grab the floating pieces out of the water and then, likely, try to eat them. These types of toys provide an added benefit regarding hand-eye coordination and promoting dexterity.

Reading in the Tub

Who says you can’t read books while you’re in the tub? If you like to co-bathe with your child or they just simply enjoy reading, consider looking for a waterproof book such as “Bath Time” by Sandra Boynton. These books often float in the tub and are made in such a way that typical bath time conditions will not harm them.

Stacking and Pouring

Another excellent way to use baby bath toys to engage your kid’s mind is to utilize products that stack, pour, or both. The Skip Hop Dunck Stacking Bath Toys are an incredible alternative to the standard rubber ducky because they not only float but can be used as pouring cups for rinsing your child off. Babies enjoy the different colors and being able to topple or sink the toys while you bathe them.