Being a mother is hard work and can often be lonely because it is not always easy to make friends with other moms in your area; especially, when you are doing everything you can to keep up with your little one. Sometimes, even the prospect of adult conversation or even conversation with another human can be enough to help you deal with the challenges of each new day. It is nice to have people you can talk to that understand what you are going through while offering support and advice when you need it.  So we hope this blog will be a resource for you in helping you find a Houston new moms group that works for you and allows you to connect with other local moms once your little one arrives.

Mom’s Talk at the Motherhood Center

This group is designed to be a safe space for moms of children up to 6 months to be able to meet and discuss topics of interest to them. The group allows for open and honest discussions in a framework that allows you the opportunity to ask questions, share experiences, talk about your struggles, or give tips to that will help the group. Topics covered including pregnancy, body image, sleep deprivation, infant development, breastfeeding, pregnancy and baby blues, childcare choices, and more.

Bellaire Young Mothers

This Houston new moms group was founded on the premise that moms in the area needed to have more social interaction with one another and could benefit from sharing the ups and downs of motherhood together. They offer a variety of services to help build and strengthen their community including arranging play dates, holiday events, mom and parents only social events, and community service. Membership is required so we encourage you to contact them early if you are interested so that you can have all your questions answered ahead of time.

Bayou City Mamas

As a parent’s resource, Bayou City Mamas provides support from pregnancy through parenthood. The highlight of this Houston new moms group is the Bayou City Mamas Club which they describe as their VIP program for the Houston area. There is a membership cost associated with the club, but the membership comes with discounts from brands and local businesses, monthly events, and VIP only events.

MOMS Club of Houston

As a part of MOMS Club International, this Houston new moms group provides a wealth of resources and activities to support mothers in the area. Mothers of any age children are welcome which helps to provide members with the perspective of parents at all stages of parenting. The host parties for parents and children, sponsor mom’s nights and have regular standing play dates to allow the kids to play while you get to know some of the mothers in your area. With annual dues of only $20, this is a great low-cost option for a Houston new moms group.