Capturing the simple moments of life with your new baby and being able to share those moments with loved ones brings lots of joy to many new parents. One of the best ways to get high-quality photos of your baby is to hire a professional to take pictures for you.  Unfortunately, some of the best moments you want to capture happen when there is not a photographer around. So how can you get the most out of the photos you take at home with your iPhone? Read on for some of our iPhone newborn photography tips for photographing your baby.

Utilize Negative Space

Negative space is simply uniform space around the subject of your photo (in this case, your child) that helps the subject to stand out in the photograph. This is one of the simplest iPhone newborn photography tips that has the biggest impact. You can accomplish a simple form of negative space by placing your baby against a backdrop of a solid color when taking photographs. You can utilize a single color swaddle blanket or even a painted wall but make sure that there is enough contrast between your baby and the backdrop, so they stand out in the photo. Shooting from a lower angle can be an excellent way to help remove unwanted distractions from a photo by filling the background with a natural background like the sky to make your subject the focus of the image.

Capture Detail

People often ruin a perfectly good picture because they are afraid to get close enough to their subject making this one of our iPhone newborn photography tips. Reducing the distance between your camera and your baby can help you better capture their facial features or emotions. To get the maximum impact from your photographs, be sure to get down on your child’s level and don’t be so hesitant to get closer in with them while taking their picture. It is worth mentioning that if you are too close to your newborn, your iPhone’s camera won’t be able to focus properly. The final aspect of capturing detail when photographing your infant is to utilize the rear-facing camera whenever possible. The rear-facing camera on most smartphones has a much higher resolution than the front facing camera, allowing you to capture even more of the details of your subject.

Hidden Options

Many people are unaware that there are additional options available within the camera app on the iPhone that can be accessed by tapping the screen. Tapping on any area of the screen before taking the picture will tell your iPhone what to focus on in the image. Once you have found a usable place to focus, you can tap and hold that position to lock it as the focal point. After you have locked a focal point, you are also able to manually adjust the camera exposure by holding your finger on the screen and sliding it up (increase exposure) or down (decrease exposure) to help you capture the perfect image. While you should use the focus option when taking your photos, avoid using the zoom function as it can reduce the level of detail captured in your image. Additionally, you can turn on a simple grid by going into the settings on your phone and toggling the option on in photos and camera section. Using the grid can help you compose your shot by allowing you to employ the rule of thirds. Utilize these excellent iPhone newborn photography tips to make the most out of your impromptu photo shoot.

Reduce Camera Shake and Blurry Images

The last of our iPhone newborn photography tips deals with avoiding image blur while you are shooting. One of the main causes for blurry images is the camera shaking while you are trying to take your picture. The darker the area you are photographing in, the more likely this is to happen because your phone’s camera needs a longer exposure to capture the image. There are some ways to avoid camera shake by bracing both your body and your arms, but the best way to prevent shaky pictures is using a simple tripod to steady your iPhone. The other primary cause for blurry images is your baby’s natural movements. One way to counteract this problem is to utilize the burst feature on your camera and just select the pictures that you like and discarding the rest.