So I am sure by now you have seen the mold fill nose sucker photos floating around, those blue ones you get sent home from the hospital with. When I saw the pictures circulating on Pinterest and Facebook all I wanted to do was cut ours open, so much so I creeped into baby boys room while he was sleeping (yes very risky). Axel is almost 13 months old, so we have had that blue nose sucker for almost 13 months. We use it once a month I would say and wash it out with very hot water. I leave it sitting out with the spout pointing downward after use.

To my surprise, or not, I am not really sure what I was expecting to find here is the result:

photo (4)

The blue bulb works, but it does leave a lot of questions since you cannot actually see inside of it. So what is the solution?!

The Nose Frida

Easy to use and easy to clean!