You’ve almost made it and the day has nearly arrived for your to give birth to your child. There are many things to prepare before for your baby’s arrival. Below you will find a few suggestions that will help you to prepare for your last month of pregnancy.

Sleep While You Can

As you prepare to go into labor, you will feel a natural inclination to sleep more often. Listen to your body; take naps and get full nights of sleep when and while you can get so that you have the strength needed for the birthing process. Sleep is a crucial to properly preparing for the last month of pregnancy.

Make Sure All Your Gear is Set-Up

While it is common to have the crib and nursery furniture set up by this point, it is probable that some of the other items you purchased for your baby may not be ready.  Take a swing, for example, trying to figure out how it goes together while your newborn is screaming is not ideal. Save yourself the stress and frustration by going through each piece of gear ahead of time and making sure it is in working condition before you need it.

Go Out on Dates

Regardless of if you used infertility treatments or had a happy little accident, the arrival of your baby will undoubtedly limit your ability to go out with your partner.  Taking advantage of the time before your baby arrives to enjoy some alone time with your partner will help you prepare for your last month of pregnancy.  Adding a few date nights in these few weeks before delivery can make it a bit easier when you aren’t able to go out as often after your newborn has arrived.

Pack Your Hospital Bag

It may seem obvious to any pregnant mom but the days and weeks tend to fly by towards the end of your pregnancy. Therefore, make sure that you have all the items you will need for labor, delivery, and your postpartum hospital stay. It is also advisable to contact the hospital where you will be delivering to find out what things they will provide to you. Also, make sure you have enough to get you through a longer stay that comes with recovering from a c section even if it is not planned.