As many new moms are aware, breastfeeding typically requires pumping and all the gear that goes along with it. While the essential items needed for pumping tend to be common knowledge, often moms end up with some less than ideal breastfeeding support supplies. In this blog, we discuss a few of pumping must haves to help you with your breastfeeding journey.

Super Mom Bra

The Super Mom All in One Bra from Simple Wishes is truly a godsend for breastfeeding mothers which is why it made our list of pumping must haves. One of the best things about this bra is that it takes the place of your nursing and pumping bras. Additionally, the bra is designed with all the sturdiness of a maternity bra (including six rows of hook and eye in back closure) but is discrete enough to be worn under clothing without being noticed. The bra is even designed to expand throughout your pregnancy so you can start wearing it even before your baby arrives.

Extra Parts

Having multiple sets of parts is one of our highest priority pumping must haves because it makes life so much easier. When you have additional pump parts available to you, it means that you don’t have to wash and sterilize parts after each pumping session. It also makes it considerably easier to pump when you are away from home because you can take care of washing parts when you get home. This is especially beneficial for working mothers who may not have access to facilities needed to clean their parts while at work.

Kiinde System

Another one of our pumping must haves for breastfeeding mothers on the go is the Kiinde system. While the Kiinde system has a ton of useful features, the reason it made our list is because of the Twist Direct-Pump Adapters that allows you to extract your milk directly into their pouches with any pump. The Kiinde pouches are convenient for both storing and freezing your breastmilk. The system also eliminates the need to wash bottles and purchase separate milk storage bags. There is even a specially designed bottle that utilizes the pouches directly.