Mother doing breast feeding electronic for her baby milk stockAlthough pumping can be time consuming, having a few accessories will make your pumping experience so much more pleasant. Whether you plan to pump on occasion or exclusively we will cover some of our pumping must haves in today’s blog. Join Certified Lactation Counselor and baby gear expert, Brittany, as she covers how to make products to make the most of your pumping time.

Pumping Bra
There is nothing worse than having to hold two pumps on your breast for 20 minutes while being able to accomplish nothing else. If you are going to be pumping on occasion consider purchasing at least 1 pumping bra, if you are an exclusive pumper or even daily pumper at work, maybe invest in 3 or so.  Trust me, after you do it pump without a pumping bra, it will be the next item you purchase.

Extra Sets
If you are pumping more than 1 time daily, it may be worth it to invest in extra sets of pumping parts. You can purchase these on Amazon or get them at any baby store. There is nothing like only having 15 minutes to pump then realize that your pump parts are still dirty.

Cooler Bag
If you are pumping in an office or at night, it may be helpful to have a cooler you can bring along with you. If you are pumping at night, you can place the pumped milk on your night stand on an ice pack and avoid having to wake yourself up even more when you have to walk down the stairs, turn on the light, and put the milk away in the refrigerator. If your pump didn’t come with one you can purchase cooler packs specifically for pumping at any baby stores but a regular cooler with ice packs will do just fine.

Pics and videos of little one
Your little one may not be here just yet, but when you are pumping make sure you watch videos and look at pictures of them. This can help your body relax more and make more milk. Don’t skip this very important step! Besides, who doesn’t like looking at videos of their cute babies?