As you may already be aware, Hush Hush Little Baby provides overnight and 24-hour newborn care services to support you and your growing family.  However, you may not have known that they also offer temporary daytime care. Having newborn care during the day can make a huge difference for you and your partner, especially during the first few months. In today’s blog, we will be giving you an overview of our temporary daytime care services.

What is Temporary Daytime Care?

In its simplest form, temporary daytime care involves having a newborn care specialist come to your house during daytime hours to provide care for your baby. Newborn care specialists (NCS’s) have a particular combination of specialized education and experience that makes them uniquely qualified to not only care for infants but to provide education to parents. While your NCS is in your home, they will be taking care of all of your baby’s needs including but not limited to bottle feeding, diaper changes, stocking the nursery, putting the baby down for naps, calming them when they are fussy, and even working on tummy time with them. They can accompany you to appointments or even take the baby out for a walk with your permission. Their primary goals while working with you are to make sure that your newborn receives the best possible care and that you have what you need to be at your best.


There are many benefits to having temporary daytime care for your infant, but one of the biggest benefits that a daytime NCS provides is time. How you choose to use this time is, of course, up to you but having peace of mind that your child is being expertly cared for makes it easier to accomplish whatever you have on your schedule for the day. You can run errands, take care of household chores, work from home, or even just take some time to relax and take care of yourself. Another great benefit of our services is being able to get out of the house on time for appointments or other scheduled activities. Most new parents can attest to how difficult it can be to get ready while trying to take care of a newborn and your NCS can help relieve that stress. Having an NCS in your home is also an excellent way to have all your baby-related and postpartum questions answered by a professional.

Next Steps

If you would like to hire a newborn care specialist for temporary daytime care, Hush Hush Little Baby can help you find the ideal fit for your family.  Once contacted, we will provide you with potential candidates for you to consider.  When you have narrowed down your selections, you will be able to interview your final candidates. We believe that it is important that the person selected be someone you connect with and interviews allow you to gauge just that. Once you’ve completed your interviews, contact Hush Hush Little Baby to inform us of your selection, and we will walk you through the rest of the process.