This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and we at Hush Hush Little Baby are thrilled to celebrate all of our clients and their transition into motherhood. While it can be a challenging, stressful, or even painful transformation, being a mom is also filled with love, joy, and wonder as your little miracle grows and develops. Working in the homes of our clients provides us a unique opportunity to witness the ups and downs first hand while standing next to you through it all. Below you will find three reasons we love to support new moms.

There is No Manual

Regardless of how much research you do on the internet or how many parenting books you read, there is nothing that quite prepares you for being a new parent. Even the advice of well-meaning friends often doesn’t resonate until you are in the throws of parenthood. In all reality, there is no manual on how to care for your baby and, unfortunately, the crash course you receive at the hospital often leaves new parents more confused than prepared to care for the child. As a result, one of the reasons we love to support new moms is to be that manual for them by sharing our specialized knowledge, skills, and experience to empower new parents with information, techniques, and options that may work best for them.

Freedom to Enjoy the Little Moments

Another reason we love to support new moms is that we provide an opportunity for more sleep and less stress on a daily basis. An excellent mood is often a side-effect of being well rested, and when you couple that with a reduced stress level, you have a recipe for fun interactions with your little one. It is a huge thrill for us to see all the amazing moments that new parents get to experience that they might never have if exhausted and stressed out. Not to mention that our clients don’t have to miss something special or a milestone because they are busy cleaning the nursery or washing bottles.

Supporting New Moms’ Health

In the weeks and months following the birth of a new child, the focus of the family is on the baby which can be to the detriment of mom. It is our pleasure to support new moms by providing with the time they need to heal from delivery or just to take a shower and feel human again. Many moms find relief in knowing that the care of their newborn is not all on them but rather that they have someone in their corner working with them.