Don’t miss Traveling with a Nanny {Part 1}!

So if you’ve decided to have a nanny vacation with your family, get ready for a fun trip! Enjoy the extra hands that will help ease the stress and add to the entertainment. But to make sure that things go as smoothly as possible, don’t forget to think and decide on these factors well before you take off! Even if things change a bit during the trip (we all know things don’t always turn out exactly as we plan), you will still have a foundation for a plan, as well as the precedence of talking through any potential issues.

  • Establish clear expectations and boundaries in as many ways as possible. Be sure your nanny communicates her expectations and boundaries as well.
  • Does your nanny have any extra responsibilities before you leave? Such as packing for the kids, being in charge of en route entertainment and snacks, etc.
  • If space is of any concern, discuss the amount of luggage that is appropriate.
  • Are you visiting anyone? Will the nanny ever be responsible for children other than your own? If so, how will you compensate her?
  • What are the hour expectations? Will she work more hours than a normal week? Be sure this is agreed upon before leaving.
  • Will the nanny be taking the kids places during the trip? Will she have a rental car, use public transportation or Uber? Be sure she has money for eating out, activity fees, etc. Will you plan the activities, or will she have free will?
  • Does your baby sleep through the night? If not, who will be in charge overnight, and which nights?
  • Consider creating a vacation contract, just to make sure everything is out on the table. Even if you and your nanny have a great relationship, you can help keep it that way by avoiding any upsets on the trip.
  • What possible costs will the nanny have? Will all her meals be paid for? Consider paying her an extra travel budget or stipend
  • Will the nanny be expected to be a “mother’s helper” for most of the trip? Will she be solely in charge of the kids at times? What times will she be able to be totally “off”? Be sure she has enough downtime to enjoy herself too, and recharge so she’s ready to be at her best for your kids
  • If you aren’t used to working side-by-side with your nanny, prepare yourself that that may feel different- especially in areas of disciplining the kids and making decisions for them.
  • How long are you staying? Do you expect the nanny to do any laundry and/or packing the kids up to go home?
  • If you’re traveling somewhere that requires a passport or any documentation, be sure your nanny has this well in advance and pay for all related fees.
  • Are there any special safety concerns for your destination? (don’t drink the water, stay out of this area of the city, etc.)
  • Consider giving your nanny the day off after coming home to decompress


The more you handle ahead of time, the smoother your trip will be! Relax, have fun, and remember a happy nanny makes for a happy trip!