Traveling changes tremendously when you go from a family of two to three. Especially when that new edition is a brand new baby. You begin to look at potential destinations differently when looking for baby friendly travel- is it safe? Whats the climate like? How will we get around? What is the health care situation?

Some people would much rather leave baby at home. But there are a few reasons why taking baby along with you makes the vacation that much better. Babies sleep quite a bit, they can be contained in a stroller or carrier, plus with baby along you don’t have to worry or miss your new favorite bundle. Not to mention free airfare!

Here are a few travel spots to put on your list for a great baby friendly vacay that you may never have thought of before!

Mackinac Island, Michigan

Photo Credit: Detroit Metro Times

Mackinac Island is located between Michigan’s upper and lower peninsulas. Its a 3.8 square mile island filled with history and tourist attractions. Best of all? Cars are COMPLETELY banned on the island! What a way to escape. Imagine strolling the streets with baby in stroller without worrying about traffic. Not to mention all the peace and quiet- talk about baby friendly travel. You can also visit some of the many shops and restaurants, take a carriage ride, visit historical sites and museums, get in a round of golf, enjoy a sail or charter boat, and so much more. There are many tons of fantastic places to stay, as well as a fun night life- so bring grandparents or a nanny along to watch baby for a night or two!

Tulum, Mexico

Photo Cred: TripAdvisor

Mexico may not be the first place you think of to travel with baby. But Tulum offers a vibe that is definitely more family friendly, while still being safe for tourist travel. It’s laid back yet worldly. Relaxing yet with plenty to do. Many hotels offer cribs and strollers to truly create baby friendly travel. You’re sure to have an amazing vacation that is perfect for each family member.

Vail, Colorado

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Skiing, with a baby? Yes! Well, at least skiing while baby is safe and sound in one of the many resorts that offer great childcare! Spend your day on the slopes and your evenings cuddled all together with baby beside a warm fire- sounds like a fantastic vacation. If you call ahead, many resorts will get baby gear ready for you, such as car seats or baby monitors.