As Axel grows from baby to toddler, we’ve really gained a new found respect for the art of baby-proofing! One of the most common household dangers might be dangling next to your window or doorway in the form of a nylon cord.

Tragically, window blind cords have killed, on average, one child a month in the US since 1996. Adding to the heartbreak is the fact that these deaths are completely preventable. While there are many products made to keep blind cords out of a toddler’s reach, we’ve found a simple Cable Turtle works well (usually about $5 if you want to pick your own color, but you can find them for less). The Cord Clip Window Blind Cord Wrap is another affordable option. We haven’t tried it, but the Amazon reviews look good!

Another option is to install brackets that mount to wall and allows gathering of excess window blind cords. This is definitely the most economic choice, but be careful; most on the market do not provide enough space for lengthy cords to be fully wrapped up and out of harms way.