IMG_9728Gina C.

Gina joined the Hush Little Baby team in early 2015 as a night nanny and hit the ground running! Gina who also works with preschool children, lends her expertise to the Hush Little Baby team often 5-6 nights a week! We admire her youthful desire to assist new families and she has been such an asset to our team.

Where are you originally from and how did you get into the newborn care profession?

What is the greatest compliment you’ve ever received from a client?
“You really have a way with babies!”

What do you enjoy about working with new families?
Getting to know them and experiencing the exciting journey together and helping them out in any way I can.

Tell us a little about your educational background. What degrees or certifications do you have?
I have an early childhood teaching certificate and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology. I am currently enrolled to take the newborn care course in February through The Newborn Care Training Academy.

Let’s talk newborns: what is your favorite part about caring for newborns?
Watching them develop and grow into their own.

How long have you lived in the DC area and how did you arrive there?
I am been in the DC area my whole life.

If there was one thing you wish everyone knew about newborn care specialists, what would it be?
We are constantly learning just like every other parent and we are here to assist you with you child in any way we can.

How would you characterize your approach to newborn care and working with new mothers?
I like to follow. I always try and listen to what the mothers wants/needs and if they need my opinion, then I share my thoughts. I believe that the mother knows what’s best for their child.

What is next for you? Are you preparing for a new certification or training event?
I would like to continue my education in newborn care but not sure what the next steps are.

What do you enjoy about being on the Hush Little Baby Team?
I love the fact that I can ask any of the team members for anything and they are always so willing to help out. I also love all the resources at our disposal.

What do you enjoy outside of caring for newborns?
I love snowboarding and watching the Redskins football team.

Share a fun fact about yourself!
The first newborn I ever cared for was my brother who is 8 years younger than me!