With the arrival of a new year, there are some great new pieces of technology that will hit the market throughout the year and baby gear is no exception. So what are going to be some of the hottest new devices on the market this year? Check out the rest of the blog below to find out more information on the Willow Pump, Nanit Baby Monitor, and Reliefband; three of the most interesting pieces of equipment for this year.

Willow Pump

While this new pump is not on the market yet (it may arrive this spring), we are excited about this product because of its potential. At the cost of $429, the unique battery-operated design of the Willow Pump allows it to be used hands-free and discretely within your bra. As a result, there are no clunky parts or vacuum lines to keep track of or clean and the storage bags is also stored between the pumps within the bra.  Unfortunately, the Willow Pump bags only hold approximately 4 oz, which may be a problem for some moms who routinely pump more than that in a single session. It is also unclear if there are different size collection ports (to approximate the different size flanges) but we are unable to determine that for sure at this time. Finally, the willow pump will need to be charged daily, so it will be necessary to make sure you have access to a charger if you take the Willow Pump with you on trips.

Nanit Baby Monitor

Incorporating many different pieces of modern technology found in a nursery, the Nanit is more than just a baby monitor. According to their website, “Nanit Insights helps you identify sleep issues, so you can adjust and get back on track fast. Nanit tracks—and understands—sleep patterns, parent visits, room conditions and much more.” At $349, the Nanit Baby monitor is a great bargain because it provides real time high definition video with smartphone and tablet access through their easy to use app. The stand design provides an overhead view of the entire crib with convenient cable management and no components within the crib. Additionally, there is a “diffused, ceiling-directed LED nightlight with gradual dimming technology” to allow you visibility in the room with minimal stimulation for your newborn. There is also a sound machine incorporated within the device to help mask the sounds of your household while your baby is sleeping. If you are interested in the Nanit Baby Monitor, order before January 31 to receive 30% off and free shipping.


This is one of the new pieces of tech that we are most excited about because it provides drug-free relief from motion sickness, morning sickness, and other nausea or vomiting inducing conditions. The Reliefband is a device that you simply wear on your wrist to receive immediate relief from morning sickness symptoms. The band works by generating a pulse on your wrist that tricks your brain’s “nausea control center” into believing that you don’t need to be nauseous. It has been clinically proven to be effective and has been FDA approved for public use. At a cost of $94.99, it may be a worthwhile purchase for you or a loved one experiencing morning sickness.