Finally holding a newborn in your arms is the ultimate reward for nine months of pregnancy. But did you know some lucky moms receive a “push present” from their significant other as a token of appreciation for going through pregnancy and delivery? It’s a great concept, but figuring out what to get the new mom can be quite a challenge. No worries, we have you covered with perfect push present ideas for the new mom or mom-to-be.

Jewelry is always a great gift because it’s sentimental, will last for an eternity, and there are options for every budget. A common push present idea is to get another ring that matches the wedding band to go on the other side of the engagement ring. It’s a great look, but also serves as a special reminder of your family bond each time she glances at her hand.

Sleep! Yes, you can give the gift of sleep, and as an added bonus, it dramatically increases the quality of dad’s sleep too! Hire a newborn care specialist and splurge for a few nights of overnight newborn care each week and you’ll get a gift that you both appreciate. This is a particularly great gift for moms without nearby family support.

One of the more affordable options is a spa or massage subscription. Yes, she’ll love the therapeutic aspect of a relaxing massage, but more than anything, it gives her a designated amount of time to turn off the new-mom hypervigilance.

Those “Baby on Board” signs don’t actually give your car added safety. If your current vehicle is less than safe, or lacks ample room for a car seat and a stroller, then it might be time for a new vehicle. While this is typically a major family purchase, call it a “push present” and get the one you really want!

A quality bed is a difference-maker for anyone but a high-quality bed is especially helpful for pregnant women and new moms. This is one of those gifts that’s better purchased early in the pregnancy since many women struggle with sleep comfort as their pregnancy progresses. We recommend the Casper Wave mattress since it keeps you cool while adjusting to the contours of your bump. Purchasing the adjustable base is also well worth the investment since it allows nursing mothers to move from a flat to elevated position with the click of a button.