It’s that time of the year for fun in the sun! But the sun is only fun for newborns if they stay safe! Fresh air and a little vitamin D is great for baby, but it’s important to know newborn sun safety and how to keep them from overheating or getting sunburned.

Avoid the middle of the day

Get baby some fresh air in the morning or evening- when the sun is not so intense. Walks and other outdoor activities before 10:00 or after 4:00 are best. Keep in mind that baby can get sunburned on cloudy or cool days as well. Baby’s skin is brand new and delicate, and the sun is giving off rays no matter what the weather. Have an event outdoors during the hottest hours? Consider leaving baby at home with Grandparents or someone experienced in newborn care. You’ll be refreshed and baby will be safe!


Shade is your friend

Whenever you can, get baby in the shade! When a natural spot is not available be sure you brought along your own shade! A stroller with a great canopy, an umbrella, or better yet a pop-up tent that will keep your newborn completely safe from UV rays. Loose, light clothing with long sleeves and pants are great for newborns as well.  And never forget a sunhat! Babies can get overheated easily so be sure to be aware of how warm your baby is, even in the shade. If the day is just too hot, stay inside!


Use Organic sunscreen

While some people commit to organic products always, other people pick and choose when to go organic. Baby sunscreen, especially for newborns and babies 0-6 months, is a great time to make sure the cream you are slathering all over their body is safe and free of harmful toxins. Any sunscreen is better than no sunscreen though when it comes to newborn sun safety. (Some sources recommend staying away from sunscreen completely for the first 6 months, so do you research and make your own decision) Look for “broad spectrum” sunscreen, as that will protect from both UVA and UVB rays. For best results, apply before you head out into the sun- at least 15 minutes, so it has time to absorb and fully protect baby!


Advocate for sun safety when baby is with others

Usually Grandma will be more overprotective than you are, but just in case, be sure to protect baby when you’re not with her as well. Keep bags packed with sun safe items. Plan ahead so you don’t forget your sun tent or extra stroller canopy. Make sure your spouse is on board too! Educating everyone on the importance of sun safety will help keep baby safe at all times.