COVID-19 March 2021 Update

The number one question we hear is, “Is your team vaccinated?” The answer is twofold. Yes, some are fully vaccinated. However, we have a large number of team members that are also still on waitlists. Accessibility is the biggest barrier to COVID vaccinations within the team. Newborn Care Specialists are not medical providers, so most of our team have not fallen into the appropriate categories that qualify for the COVID vaccination. Until then, we will continue to follow the COVID protocols we have in place.



  • Team members are primarily serving 1-2 client(s) at a time. If enough hours are provided, client exclusivity can be offered.
  • Clients can request and pay for a COVID-19 test before the team member beginning services.
  • Team members will be practicing social distancing per CDC guidelines when they are off of their night shift.
  • A team member will not be using public transportation.
  • A team member will be following CDC guidelines for handwashing.
  • We do not require glove-wearing for team members as it is not effective per the CDC guidelines.
  • A team member will remove themselves from an assignment if they have been in contact with anyone who may have shown any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Clients can request that team members wear a mask when they are working with the baby or in the home.
  • Face masks may also be requested by the team member for client use when giving one on one directions and handing the baby over.
  • Hush Little Baby will continually monitor the CDC guidelines. As they develop we will continue to alter our current policies as we learn more about COVID-19.