Interior of nursery.In today’s blog, we will be talking about 3 tips to help create the perfect nursery for sleeping. Sleep is a crucial part of your baby’s growth and development and the main cause of parent’s not getting a good night’s sleep is a poorly sleeping little one. How to best set up the nursery for a baby to successfully sleep through the night is something clients ask about frequently and is something our Newborn Care Specialists go over with our clients.

Keep the Room Dark
One of the most commonly overlooked reasons for poor sleep is too much light in the nursery when trying to encourage the baby to sleep. By keeping the room dark, you significantly reduce the amount of stimulation baby receives and give them the best chance for staying asleep. Use of blackout curtains or shades are great for keeping sun or street light from entering the nursery. Similarly removing nightlights and ensuring that your nursery decor is light in color while not being bright can go a long way towards creating the perfect nursery for sleeping.

White Noise
White noise machines are designed to mimic the sound of mom’s rushing blood that baby heard while in the womb and can be very soothing. As an added benefit, it can also drown out other noises in the home that might wake baby. Make sure the white noise you are using is one continuous noise to avoid disturbing their sleep patterns. At HHLB, our favorite white noise machine is the Hometics Sound Spa Relaxation Machine.

Swaddling your baby before putting them down to sleep helps to greatly reduce the startle reflex that can wake an otherwise sleeping baby. The restriction of movement provided by a properly used swaddle emulates the constriction of the womb and coupled with a white noise machine helps to create the conditions needed for a perfect nursery for sleeping. Remember, a loose swaddle is just as good as no swaddle at all so make sure to tightly secure the swaddle around your baby.

We hope that you are able to design your nursery in a manner that is conducive to getting your little one sleeping through the night with today’s blog!