Well, we’ve just about put another year in the books. That’s right. 2017 is almost to a close which means it is time to celebrate a birth unlike the one’s we typically talk about on this blog. The birth of a new year! For new parents, trying to balance the old with the new reality of having a little one can really come to a head for some on New Year’s Eve. If you are feeling up to it and longing for some time to let loose a little bit, then perhaps it’s time to consider hiring New Year’s newborn care. Read on for more information on New Year’s newborn care.


Hiring someone to take care of your New Year’s newborn care needs allows you to enjoy your night responsibly. While passing alcohol onto a baby through breastmilk is always a risk if a mom is drinking, being charged with neglect is not the only concern. It can be extremely dangerous to try to care for a child while inebriated. Therefore, you definitely need New Year’s newborn care if you are planning to imbibe. Some parents are just looking for a little bit of rest and allowing someone else to shoulder the responsibilities can provide a carefree night.

Rate Considerations

If you already have regular newborn care, you should consider that you may need to pay holiday rates for care on New Year’s Eve. Within the field of newborn care, most shifts span two days for overnight care which can make calculating pay tricky. Typically, holiday pay is required for the entire shift if any part of the shift lands on a holiday. As a result, you should discuss rates and holiday pay policies with your care provider ahead of time to make sure there are no surprises with your bill.

Finding a Newborn Care Specialist

If you are not sure where you can find New Year’s newborn care, look no further than Hush Hush Little Baby for all of your newborn care needs. We are excited to serve you and your family by providing exceptional care to the newest members of your family. Let our expert team take a load off your shoulders as you usher in a new year with the peace of mind that your baby is in the hands of a caring professional.