What better way to start a new year than being snuggled up with your new baby? While having a newborn any time of year can be fantastic, there are special considerations required for those with winter newborns. Depending on your climate and the changes that come with winter in your area, you may need to be more vigilant in following the winter newborn care guidelines and tips listed below.

Dress Appropriately

When it comes to clothing, it is recommended that you dress your little one in one more layer than you would be comfortable in for the same weather. Newborns lose heat rapidly when exposed to cold temperatures, but the temperatures indoors tend to be quite warm in the winter, so it is an excellent idea to dress your baby in layers. By utilizing layered clothing, you can quickly adapt their clothing to match the temperature conditions. The final winter newborn care tip concerning dressing your baby is that they should never wear their coat while in their car seat. Check out this article from the Car Seat Lady for some tips on how to keep your child warm and safe in their car seat.

Sleep Precautions

While it may be tempting to wrap your newborn up in heavy blankets or other warm and cozy items, these items can be extremely dangerous in the crib and even fatal. It is also critical that you monitor the temperature in the nursery to help keep your child comfortable and safe throughout the night. Another often necessary tool for bedtime is the use of a humidifier. However, if you choose to use a humidifier, make sure the machine and all of its parts (including the power cord) are out of the reach of your child’s crib.

Moisturize the Skin

Taking care of your child’s skin is an often overlooked component of winter newborn care. Take the time to keep their skin moisturized because it protects against the natural oils being stripped from exposure to the cold. You can combine the moisturizing with a bit of baby massage to help improve circulation or even help your baby sleep better.