There are many benefits to hiring a Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) to assist your family with the care of and education on newborns. Since they have a unique combination of practical skills, specialized education, and hands-on experience caring for babies, they have a lot to offer you and your family regarding answering questions, providing guidance, and making helpful suggestions. Additionally, having an NCS in your home helps you and your family to get a better night’s sleep without having to worry about who is caring for your child. But how can you tell if someone is going to be a good fit for you and your family before they begin working in your home? In this blog, we will be covering some Newborn Care Specialist interview questions to help you hire the best NCS for your needs.


While the topic area of training may seem obvious to discuss during an interview process, there are a few Newborn Care Specialist interview questions about a person’s training background that can provide you with more information. You want to ask them specifically who they were trained through because the quality of their education matters. By getting information on the training program they went through before beginning work as an NCS, you can check into the curriculum for the program as well as the credentials of the instructors. Additionally, take some time to ask if the program provided them with demonstrations or hands-on activities to help them hone their skills as part of their instruction.

Continuing Education

An NCS’s education does not end with their training program. The community as a whole encourages and promotes the need for continuing education beyond the instruction received in their training program. Newborn Care Specialist interview questions on continuing education are important because it allows you the opportunity to determine their expertise in specific topics that matter to you as well as giving them insight into their interests within the field. For many NCS’s their desire to learn more and master various areas of their profession is illustrated by the courses, workshops, and certifications that matter to them. Asking them specifics about their continuing education can also help you determine what kinds of unique skills they have that may be of interest to you and your family.

Specialized Care Experience

Most NCS’s you will interview will have experience caring for newborns and working with families, but one of the things that can set a candidate apart is specialized care experience. Asking Newborn Care Specialist interview questions about work they performed for previous families with multiples, preemies, developmental issues, or special needs provides the candidate with a chance to share with you how they perform in difficult or demanding situations. If you believe that your baby may require specialized care, these questions can be extremely valuable to your applicant evaluation process.

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