For many new parents, the thought of getting out into the world with their newborn can be intimidating. Where will I change or feed my baby if needed? Is the area stroller accessible or do they have stroller parking? What if my baby starts screaming in the middle of everything? These are all very legitimate questions which can, understandably, be a concern for parents. Not to fear, there are plenty of places in and around town that are considered baby friendly. Continue reading for some of our favorite baby-friendly places in DC.

Indoor Activities

There are a host of baby friendly places in DC offering a variety of indoor activities, but we’re going to provide you with a small sampling of what is available. Every Monday at 11 am the Angelika Film Center in Fairfax, VA hosts a Cry Baby Matinee that is designed for you to be able to enjoy a movie with your little one. They keep the lights dim (not dark) and the volume levels low so you don’t have to worry about a tantrum or trying to nurse in the dark. If your baby has older siblings or you have friends with older kids, check out the College Park Aviation Museum. They have tons of kid- and family-friendly activities with plenty of access for children under one year of age. Many of the museums in DC are considered baby friendly, and the National Building Museum is no exception. One of the reasons we chose the National Building Museum is because they have specific programs and events that are geared toward families.

Where the Wild Things Are

If you want to see some wildlife with your little one, there are some baby friendly places to do so in DC. The Smithsonian’s National Zoo has a wealth of animals from all over the world, and they have a top-notch educational staff with many exhibits that teach about the animals. The zoo is very stroller accessible, and parents with babies will find it a joy to spend time there. Frying Pan Farm Park in Fairfax County is a working 1920’s through 1950’s  farm and community that is open to the public. The park is designated as family friendly and has some neat things for little ones to see. Older kids will love it too as they learn all about life on a farm during the early 20th century. Similarly, Oxon Cove Park & Oxon Hill Farm in Maryland provides a hands-on experience of farm life and how it has changed over time.

Stop and Smell the Roses

I can’t think of a better way to spend the day than enjoying the day taking in the sights and smells of fresh flowers and plant life. At the United States Botanic Garden, you have the opportunity to do just that with your infant. Gardens and parks provide a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of your surroundings. Another scenic location for you and your baby to take in is River Farm which serves as the headquarters for the American Horticultural Society. Overlooking the Potomac the farm features 25 acres of perfectly landscaped property that is perfect for taking a stroll with your baby. Brookside Gardens in Montgomery County is an award-winning public display garden that spans an impressive 50 acres within Wheaton Regional Park. The garden is broken up into several smaller areas including a Butterfly Garden, Children’s Garden, Fragrance Garden, Rose Garden, and Japanese Garden. With so much to see and enjoy within the confines of Brookside Gardens, it is certain to be a repeat destination.