Here at Hush Hush Little Baby, we like to keep you informed of the latest developments in newborn care as well as the newest products. As such, we are excited to share with you that Medela has just released a new pump called the Sonata and it is available for sale now. The Sonata breast pump is a bit different from the other products that Medela offers and in this blog, we provide you with the feature highlights of this wonderful new pump.

Travel Pump

The Sonata breast pump is classified as a travel pump which means that it is battery operated so you can take it with you anywhere. Portability is a big deal for moms who work outside of the home or those who need to travel frequently.

The App

Complementing the technological advances seen in the Sonata breast pump is the addition of an app dedicated to it. The app helps you to keep track of your pumping schedule by providing real time tracking so you always know when you pumped last and for how long.

Session Timer

Even if you are not using the app, the pump itself has an external display with a session timer to allow you to quickly keep track of how long you have been pumping. The timer also eliminates the need to remember, write down, or otherwise record what time you started pumping to have an accurate estimate of your session duration

IMG_1238Pause Button

One of the best new features of the Sonata breast pump is the inclusion of a pause button that allows you to pause the timer on your session. Utilizing the pause button allows accurate session timing when adjustments or positioning changes need to be made.


The newest entry from Medela is their quietest pump yet meaning no matter where you are, you can feel confident that your privacy is maintained. The ability to pump with discretion is powerful for many women and can make pumping more convenient.

Two Pumping Modes

The ability to select between Hospital mode and Lifestyle most provides you with the ability to choose between performance and battery life. Hospital mode delivers hospital pump grade performance while lifestyle mode helps to maximize battery life.

New Bag

Medela opted for a more modern design to compliment the new look and feel of the Sonata. Aside from the improved aesthetics of the bag, update in design has made the bag less identifiable as a pumping bag which aids in providing you discretion while out in public.

Pump PartsIMG_1239

Another great thing about the new Sonata breast pump is that it is compatible with the same bottles and flanges used with other Medela products. Unfortunately, the new design of the connectors means that your other connectors won’t work with the Sonata.

Two Phase Expression

Similar to other products in the Medela line, the Sonata has two phase expression. A stimulation phase to stimulate let down and an expression phase to extract milk from the breast.

Pumping Rhythms

The new pump offers two choices of pumping rhythm to help make you more comfortable. Try them both to see which one feels best to you.

Overflow Protection

It is easy to become preoccupied with something else while your pumping and forget to check the level of milk in your bottles. With the new Sonata breast pump, you don’t have to worry about spill from overfilling anymore.