While it may be possible to completely avoid traveling with your child until they are a toddler, for most parents is impractical to forego traveling with their baby. Fortunately, there is a ton of excellent gear available to parents on the move. Whether it is visiting friends and family or an annual summer vacation, some options can make traveling easier when your little one is in tow. Keep reading for some of our favorite baby travel gear and how it can make your life easier when you are away from home.

Portable Crib

No matter the age of your infant, when you are staying away from home, they will need somewhere to sleep.  The Guava Lotus made our list of baby travel gear because it is compact, lightweight, and provides a comfortable and safe place for your child to sleep. Folding down to the size of hiking backpack it can be conveniently worn or packed into a bag. Being able to travel with a crib provides peace of mind for you and keeps your hosts (or you) from having to scramble to find a suitable sleeping arrangement for your baby. The 15 second setup time doesn’t hurt either.

Play Pen

Once your child is mobile, it can be difficult to keep up with them, and you can bet that they will do their best to find every single infant hazard in the room. While it is a fantastic idea to bring some baby-proofing items with you when you travel, it is often impossible to completely baby-proof the place where you will be staying. Having a safe space for your little one to play is an excellent alternative which is why included the Summer Infant Pop N’ Play on our list of baby travel gear. The smart design of this pen allows it to fold up like a camping chair and provide a full 14 square feet of play space. It is very easy to setup and takedown when it is not needed.

High Chair

Similar to the Pop N’ Play, Summer Infant also offers the Pop N’ Sit that also folds up into the size of a camping chair. The chair would be an excellent addition to your baby travel gear because it prevents the need for purchasing a high chair at your destination or trying to figure out the best way to pack one. Obviously, if your baby hasn’t started solids yet, the high chair is not a necessity, but if you have, it can be a real life saver.