What makes us different?

  • Hush Hush Little Baby is run BY newborn care specialists! This ensures only the most qualified caregivers become part of the HHLB team. It also provides each team member a vast network of experience for caregivers to rely upon.
  • We’re family owned, not a franchise. Newborn care is an incredible responsibility that shouldn’t be mass-produced. It requires the highest level of management to maintain industry-leading quality. Through personal connections, we ensure every family is matched with the perfect newborn care specialist for their needs.
  • We’re here to empower parents, not replace them. Our newborn care professionals enable families to be at their best, but nothing is a substitute for the care of a loving family. Through a dual approach of newborn care and support to the mother, we ensure families make a smooth transition into post-partum life.
  • Our caregivers are truly the best in the business! Hush Hush Little Baby’s evaluation process ensures only the most qualified specialists become part of the team. Our commitment to continuing education and long-term partnerships with newborn care training organizations like The Newborn Care Training Academy ensure our newborn care specialists maintain their status as experts in the field of newborn care.
  • We offer multiple levels of newborn care. While many of our caregivers are registered nurses, not all families require a medical professional for their needs. This unique tiered system allows families to choose the most economically efficient choice for their needs. ALL caregivers are CPR/First Aid certified, have up-to-date immunizations, clear federal and county background checks, reference interviews, a minimum of two years experience with newborns, a minimum of five years experience with children and have passed a newborn care assessment exam.