Baby's first bathYour baby’s first bath can be a wonderful experience but many parents are also very nervous about the whole process. There is no need to fear though because we have you covered. In today’s blog we will be discussing some tips for your baby’s first bath.

Water Temp

In order to ensure a pleasant experience for your baby’s first bath, it is important that the water temperature be 98-99 degrees Fahrenheit because it most closely matches your baby’s temperature. If the water is cooler, your baby will likely cry because the water will feel very cold to them and if it is hotter, you run the risk of burning your baby. When checking the temperature of the water, use your elbow rather than your fingers because sometimes fingers lie about the true temperature of the water.


It is important to make sure you that you have all of your supplies gathered before putting baby into the water so that you are ready to go when it is time to bathe them. Use a gentle mild soap to wash baby such as those from¬†The Honest Company and remember that wash clothes are optional. It is also a good idea to shampoo baby’s hair last because it will help keep their head warm during the bath.

Comfort and Safety

Since babies tend to lose heat easily, it is recommended to make sure the room is warm and to be brief to ensure baby’s first birth bath doesn’t leave them cold and crying. To avoid infection, babies should not be submerged until their umbilical stump has fallen off and healed. If your baby is not ready for submersion, you can sponge bathe them taking care to keep the umbilical stump area dry. Use care when handling your baby as they are often quite slippery when you are getting them out of the tub and remember to keep one hand on baby at all times.

Following these simple tips you will make your baby’s first bath a great experience for all involved.