Mom talking with Newborn Care SpecialistYour Newborn Care Specialist brings a wealth of information and experience into your home to aid your family in caring for your newborn. They aim to help ensure your baby’s proper growth and development by assisting with sleep training, feeding, and integration into the family. However, with all that your NCS has to offer there are some things they need from you to help them be most effective. In today’s blog, we will discuss what your Newborn Care Specialist needs from you.

Open Communication

One of the most important resources that parents have is communication with their NCS. Being completely open and transparent about your goals, desires, and expectations provides clarity for everyone and protects against disappointment and sets clear expectations. You and your NCS are on the same team, so make sure they are aware of what you want for your newborn and your family.

Keep Records

Keeping a log or using an app such as Baby Connect to track your baby’s feeding and sleep throughout the day is a simple step that can be taken towards achieving your goals. Additionally, in the first few weeks it is also extremely useful to have a record of diaper changes to help your Newborn Care Specialist ensure your baby is getting enough milk. Keeping daily track of these activities and sharing them with your NCS gives them a snapshot of the day and any likely issues they may need to address when they arrive. It is a powerful tool in accomplishing your goals for your baby.


The way your nursery is put together and laid out can have an impact on the meeting your desires for your baby. It is important to set your little one up for success and there are many decisions about your nursery that can have an effect on this success. In last week’s blog, we discussed how to set up a perfect nursery for sleeping which is a great example of some practical tips you can follow to attain your sleep goals.

A Comfortable Place to Rest

When the baby is sleeping and all the nursery tasks are complete, it is important that you have a comfortable place for your NCS to rest until it is time to feed or soothe your baby. For the health and safety of your Newborn Care Specialist, we require a comfortable place to rest during the night. While a bed is a great option, sofas and recliners that lay flat are also excellent alternatives.