Managing multiplesHaving multiples can be an exciting adventure but also a difficult task when it comes to caring for them. Many parents feel overwhelmed at the prospect of caring for one baby let alone twins or triplets. In today’s blog we will discuss some practical tips for managing multiples.


It is perfectly acceptable to allow multiples to sleep together until approximately 6 weeks gestational age. If any of the babies begin waking each other up, it is time to separate them into their own sleeping areas. Having them near each other mimics the conditions of the womb and can provide comfort for your babies. Additionally, it makes managing multiples more convenient for mid-night feedings and diaper changes.


Keeping all the babies on a consistent feeding schedule helps to ensure that you are not constantly feeding a baby throughout the duration of the day. This becomes especially important if you have triplets or more. While staggering their feedings may seem like the most logical choice for managing multiples feedings, however, working out ways to feed all babies at the same time is the most efficient means of getting the job done. One product that can assist in feeding multiple babies at once is the My Brest Friend Pillow which comes in single and multiples varieties to assist the different needs of mothers. Combining a nursing pillow with various positional holds for feeding can be a great solution to many of the issues that come along with trying to feed multiple babies at one time.

Outsource Help

One of the best ways of managing multiples is to enlist the help of family and friends in completing the day to day activities that are required. Simple things like cleaning and meal prep can become daunting tasks for parents of multiples so a helping hand can go a long way. Another great option is to enlist the services of Hush Hush Little Baby and bring one of our skilled professionals in to assist you with your needs.