Dr-Brown-Options-BottlesIf you plan to bottle feed with breast milk or formula you are in the right place! On today’s blog we are going to be going over bottle feeding “must haves” for Moms and Dads. There are a ton of options available on the market for feeding options so let’s break down what to add to your registry.

Most of the bottles on the market today make promises of “reducing gas” or are “the most breast like” so you may be tempted to reach for the “starter pack” the best fits your lifestyle. We recommend that before an investment is made on 15 bottles, their bottle warmer and sterilizer counter parts that you register for a few different single bottles. Many babies are picky about what kind of bottles they like or may need a gas reducing bottle. If you are breast and bottle feeding, keep in mind that you want to register for wide-neck bottles that more closely resemble the breast.
Personal Favorite: Dr. Brown Wide-Neck & Comotomo

Drying Rack
A drying rack may seem like a small piece of the bottle feeding puzzle but if you are bottle feeding often having a sturdy and roomy bottle rack in a necessity.  If you plan on only using bottles or a breast pump on a rare occasion, maybe a rack that can be folded and stored would best fit your needs. If you are planning to exclusively bottle feed, you’ll need a big drying rack.
Personal Favorite: Boon Lawn

Most bottles aren’t required to be sterilized between use, but only after they are first purchased and if your child/ren have been ill. This means that bottle sterilizers aren’t a requirement. If you are expecting your little one or ones to arrive early, than it may be a good idea to discuss sterilization with their pediatrician as they may be immunocompromised. There are several different options available for sterilizers including microwave trays, microwave bags, and electric sterilizers that sit on your counter.
Personal Favorite: Avent

Bottle Warmer
A bottle warmer is another item that is not necessarily a must have. Some parents swear by them and others get them and never touch them. There are many ways to heat up a bottle if necessary including just using hot water in a mug and placing the bottle in the hot water in the mug. We recommend first trying without a bottle warmer and if you decide that one would be far more convenient than use one of your gift cards.
Personal Favorite: Dr. Brown

Note: If I am caring for a little one I will often leave the Keurig on and use that as a quick source for hot water in a mug.

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